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General Terms & Conditions



1-SAME DAY MOVING SERVICES: (We can help any same day small moving or single item moving inquires but it will be also depending upon our avaiibity)


2-INSURANCE/ DAMAGE: ASAP Moving & Delivery Services Inc, will not be responsible for any damages to any Boxed shipment since we will not be able to check it physically,  Client must insured their shipment  on additional charges, Please contact us for any further information.We will only be responsible for any damage stuff which can be physically seen and if could break down while loading and offloading

3-LOST /MISSING ITEMS: Please note, as we work directed by client who shows which items to be moved from point A to point B, and we also inspect our truck once we finished offloading our truck to make sure nothing left behind and shows to our customer as well,but in case if you feel or notice that any thing is left behind or missing , kindly contact within in next 48 hours from the moving date with a written request by email ( After 48 hours we will not be responsible for any missing items and any claim will be not acceptable.


4-SPECIAL SKILLS: We are very specialised to deliver your product in some conditions where some special skills are required.Please let us know if you need to deliver your items on a certain location (ex:A basement delivery or any flights of stairs going up) There will be additional charges will be applied according to the condition of the Job and time spent.

 5-Please Note: Delivery services are depending upon availability for on calls or last minute customers as some times we got extremely busy with our regular clients, but we still try our best to accept new on call inquiries and will try to serve them as well same day or next day.


Thank you.


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